When will I get my pictures?

It takes about 2 to 3 weeks depending on the season.

Where will the photo session take place.?

We decide together. Options include, nature centers, the beach , Old Town Orange, or even your home. I have many suggestions and am open to yours!

what do I wear?

When deciding what to wear for your photo session, I want you to be inspired to make selections that reflect you and your family and will make your pictures beautiful. I encourage your family to wear clothing that is complimentary but does not match exactly. Here are some ideas to give your wardrobe a place to begin.
Have one family member (usually mom) choose an out fit. From there, have other family members wear clothes that coordinate. The colors don’t have to match, they just need to compliment each other. Keep patterns simple and to one or two family members.
You might choose a neutral such as grey, beige, brown or blue jeans. Pair it with one or two other colors. For example, grey and yellow, black and pink, brown and Turquoise and orange.
Think about your home and where the prints will be displayed. You might want to consider colors that compliment the color scheme of a certain room.
Layers, textures, bright colors and accessories are fun and add interest. You might consider scarves, vests, boots, dresses, hats or jewelry.
Feel free to bring more than one out fit.
Most of all select clothes that reflect who you are and that you are comfortable in. Don’t over think. When in doubt just keep it simple.
Here are some samples to inspire you. https://naturalblissphotography.pixieset.com/wardrobeselection/

Do you do buddy sessions for Seniors?

Yes! I add $100.00 to split the cost & get some pictures together. So fun! ($600)

Do you do weddings?

No, I do not do weddings.

What payment forms do you accept?

I prefer Venmo. I also accept Zelle, credit card, checks & of course cash. :)